Dedicated to the spiritual growth of Midtown's teenagers.



As a multi-church ministry, we are a midtown parish youth group which provides a fun, safe, and thoughtful context for all interested teenagers to:

  • Experience enjoyable, authentic, and loving community

  • Consider the story of Jesus Christ and his offer of a whole-life relationship with them

  • Consider growing in a relationship with Christ – discovering their life potential in Christ

  • Consider sharing Christ’s heart for their youth culture.

  • Consider how Christ’s mission “to make all things new” applies to the story of their lives.



Our dream is to see midtown’s teenagers experience the love of Jesus Christ so that their individual lives, their youth culture and their broader society flourish through Christ. When that dream is broken down, we find the following specific goals:

01. Community

To see students from different churches, different schools, and different backgrounds find community with each other.

02. catholicity

To see Memphis Midtown churches come together to serve the students in our neighborhood.

03. Cultivation

To see teenagers at any place in their faith journey find a safe place to ask questions, share thoughts and ideas, and grow in their relationship with Christ.

04. courage

To empower teenagers to share their experience with the people they encounter in their day-to-day.


”The church does not exist for us. We are the church, and we exist for the world."

Erwin Mcmanus



The seed for this dream was planted several years ago when a few midtown churches came together for a season of prayer during lent. Mandy Grisham, a parent of young elementary children looked around during a Good Friday service with these churches and saw how many kids were there. She began praying about their future and prayed that one day a collaborative youth ministry might take shape.  A few years later, the director of SOUL For the City approached Mandy with a similar idea and they joined forces and began praying more specifically, feeling like the Lord was leading this dream into a reality.  They brought together the pastors from Neighborhood Church, Union Avenue Baptist, Redeemer Presbyterian and Christ City Church and spent a year in prayer and planning.  Crossroads launched in 2017 with about 12 students and began a partnership with our outreach school, Maxine Smith STEAM Academy. 


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